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Welcome to Sikhi Camp

About Us

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall 'Sikhi Camp', is Southalls original and longest serving camp & the demand continues to grow.

Assisted by a great and experienced volunteer force over the decades, people who have served as original students of our camps and are now helping teach and run the camps, this is one great examples of the success story of Southall Sikhi Camp.

The camp offers a fun way of learning about their faith and celebrating momentous occasions of that year.

The camp ranges from classroom to practical level learning, with fun and sports a part of every day sessions including bouncy castles for the younger ages and obstacles courses and more, for the elders.

The aim is to connect our future generations with the knowledge of Guru Sahibs teachings and our glorious history, all in a fun and friendly environment.


Everyone's Welcome

From the furthest ends of the globe to the nearest Gurdwara down the street, Sikhi Camp is open to all and provides an out of this world experience to everyone and anyone who attends, regardless of whatever stage of your spiritual journey you may be on.

Campers attending Sikhi Camp often come with a deep yearning and aspiration to ‘Discover the Spirit Within’ and with the grace of Guru Sahib we strive to ensure that their aspirations are fulfilled.

Sikhi Camp is a positive, inspirational and life-changing experience and we hope that each and every camper will take something of value from their time here.

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